Total Oil New Zealand to distribute Lubmarine products in 2022
Photo courtesy of Total Oil New Zealand

Total Oil New Zealand to distribute Lubmarine products in 2022

Total Oil New Zealand will  become the distributor of Lubmarine marine lubricant products and services for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands beginning January 1, 2022. 

Lubmarine’s life began in 1952, when a small petroleum business in France began supplying marine  lubricants to 40 steam vessels. Elf Aquitaine acquired and expanded this activity internationally and  created Lubmarine in 1961. More than 69 years later, Lubmarine, now a division within TotalEnergies, is now one of the leading marine lubricants suppliers whose products and  services.

Total Lubmarine has been servicing international and local shipping lines in New Zealand and the  South Pacific since 2005. These have included PIL, Swire’s, Neptune Pacific Direct Line, Matson  (formally Reef), Interisland Ferries and a number of fishing fleets.  

Total Oil New Zealand is committed to taking the Lubmarine brand to another level in New Zealand, by its inhouse support and international operational depth to turn customer’s problems into  viable operational solutions. 

Total Oil New Zealand’s existing brand portfolio serves heavy-duty industries that  are essential to the country through its primary brands Total and Elf. Lubmarine complements the  already extensive range of products under one roof. 

“I am very pleased to announce  Total Oil New Zealand is adding Total Lubmarine to our range in 2022,” says Reuben Thickpenny,  CEO. “This fully rounds out our product range to be able to cater the demands of the commercial  shipping, ferries and fishing sectors in New Zealand. We have grown our business with a strong  focus on having the best service, support, people, product range and technical team in New  Zealand. We now have a full product range to cover the heavy marine sector now and into the  future.” 

“I am very proud of our business and what we can offer the New Zealand lubricant market — from  industrial, to power generation, agricultural, automotive, transport, food manufacturing,  construction and mining and now commercial marine. We have 11 locations throughout New  Zealand, with our own warehousing, delivery vehicles and staff on the ground. We have the whole  country covered.” 

Greg Anderson is the marine manager for TONZ and has been with Lubmarine since 2005, looking  after sales, technical and logistics. 

“I’m very proud to be part of the team tasked with making  Lubmarine in New Zealand a market force in our diverse commercial marine sector. Technically, our team  brings experience in product crossover and compatibility required in vessel/fleet lube changes. This  along with vessel lube-charts, drain oil analysis for all on board equipment, cylinder oil testing and  optimisation advice.”