Total to launch new motorcycle oil developed for Indian market

Total to launch new motorcycle oil developed for Indian market
Photo courtesy of Total.

Total plans to launch a motorcycle oil for the Indian market developed at the company’s Technical Centre for Asia-Pacific (TCAP). The motorcycle oil, to be named “Hi-Perf” will be launched later this year.

The new product is one of the 30-plus lubricant formulations that have been developed at the technical centre since its inception in 2012. The technical centre, which is located in Mahape, Navi Mumbai, India, is one of only two technical centres operated by the French integrated oil major. TCAP is located in the same complex as Total’s manufacturing facility in Navi Mumbai. The other technical centre is located in France.

Speaking to local media, Franck Eydoux, managing director of TCAP, said that the facility currently conducts around 20% of the company’s total research in lubricants, fuels, fuel additives and special fluids (solvents). This includes the development of lubricants using local components, developing new customised formulations and improving the performance of existing lubricant formulations.

The goal is to increase TCAP’s output in the next five years, the article said.

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