TotalEnergies and SINOPEC partner to produce sustainable aviation fuel in China
Photo courtesy of TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies and SINOPEC partner to produce sustainable aviation fuel in China

TotalEnergies and China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC) have announced a partnership to develop a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production unit at one of SINOPEC’s refineries in China. The agreement marks a significant step towards reducing the carbon footprint of the aviation industry.

The joint venture aims to produce 230,000 tons of SAF annually, utilising local waste and residues from the circular economy, such as cooking oils and animal fats. SINOPEC brings to the table its proprietary SAF production technology, SRJET, while TotalEnergies contributes its expertise in production and distribution, being one of Europe’s leading SAF producers.

Yongsheng Ma, chairman of SINOPEC Group, expressed the company’s commitment to green and low-carbon energy solutions, aligning with their strategy for low carbon development in China and globally. Patrick Pouyanné, chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies, emphasised the importance of SAF in the company’s transition strategy and set a target of 1.5 million tons of annual SAF production by 2030.

“This milestone collaboration with  TotalEnergies is in line with our strategy in the development of low carbon solutions for China  and the world. SINOPEC is committed to providing green and low-carbon energy solutions  while improving quality and efficiency of its asset portfolio,” said Ma.

“We  are very pleased to collaborate with SINOPEC, a major player in the global refining industry,  to produce sustainable aviation fuels and structure a SAF production chain in China,” Pouyanné said.

This collaboration between TotalEnergies and SINOPEC is a pivotal move in structuring a SAF production chain in China and advancing the development of sustainable aviation fuels worldwide. TotalEnergies is dedicated to producing biofuels from waste and residues, significantly reducing CO2 emissions from air transport.