TotalEnergies leads new coalition to advance synthetic natural gas
Photo courtesy of TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies leads new coalition to advance synthetic natural gas

Global energy company TotalEnergies headquartered in Paris, France, has announced its collaboration with seven leading international companies to form a coalition aimed at promoting the development and utilization of e-natural gas (e-NG). Produced from renewable hydrogen and CO2, this synthetic natural gas offers a promising pathway to decarbonise various industrial sectors by leveraging existing gas infrastructure without necessitating modifications to end-user facilities.

The “e-NG Coalition,” comprising TotalEnergies, Engie, Mitsubishi Corporation, Osaka Gas, Sempra Infrastructure, TES, Tokyo Gas, and Toho Gas, is set to pool resources and expertise to foster the growth of e-NG in a reliable, affordable, and sustainable manner. The coalition’s objectives include advocating for the global adoption of e-NG, encouraging policy support and regulatory harmonisation, and enhancing collaboration across the entire value chain and geographical regions.

TotalEnergies is at the forefront of this initiative, drawing on its extensive experience in LNG, renewable electricity, and large-scale project management. The company is currently partnering with Tree Energy Solutions (TES) on the “Live Oak e-NG” project in the United States, aiming to produce between 100,000 and 200,000 tons of e-NG annually by 2030. This project, among others, positions TotalEnergies as a pioneer in the e-NG sector and contributes valuable insights to the coalition’s efforts.

Stéphane Michel, president of Gas, Renewables & Power at TotalEnergies, emphasised the importance of the coalition’s work. “This synthetic fuel will contribute to the energy transition by facilitating the decarbonisation of certain industrial activities, particularly those that are difficult to electrify, while making use of existing downstream infrastructures,” Michel said. “As e-NG pioneers, it is crucial for us to lead the formation of a global coalition dedicated to e-NG development. This synthetic fuel will play a key role in the energy transition, enabling the decarbonisation of hard-to-electrify industries while utilising existing downstream infrastructure.”

The e-NG Coalition represents a collaborative effort by industry leaders to accelerate the transition to a net-zero carbon future. By promoting e-NG and fostering a global market with aligned emissions accounting and certification standards, the coalition aims to bolster cooperation among stakeholders and drive the widespread adoption of this clean energy source.