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TotalEnergies partners with Goldbell on EV charging

TotalEnergies partners with Goldbell on EV charging
Photo courtesy of TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies has announced a partnership to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for Goldbell’s car-sharing services in Singapore and Asia.

“We are delighted to join forces with Goldbell, Singapore’s largest commercial and industry vehicles leasing company, to accelerate EV growth and car-sharing solutions in Singapore and Asia. We plan to further invest to bring greater convenience to EV users. Through our partnership with Goldbell, we will develop and pilot innovative e-mobility solutions in Singapore for car-sharing services as well as passenger vehicles and commercial fleets. Following the successful launch in Singapore, we will roll out such solutions in the region,” said Ting Wee Liang, president, TotalEnergies Asia Pacific & Middle East – Marketing & Services.

With the completion of its acquisition of Bluecharge’s EV charging network in February 2022, TotalEnergies is now the operator of the largest EV charging network in Singapore. The network consists of 1,500 charge points in key locations across the country.

TotalEnergies plans to upgrade and expand the network to offer faster charging services, in line with its commitment to contribute to Singapore’s 2030 Green Plan to achieve 60,000 EV charging points.

TotalEnergies and Goldbell will also work together to develop innovative e-mobility solutions for passenger vehicles and commercial fleets.

Goldbell is developing the next-generation fleet management technology, including dynamic pricing, fleet rebalancing and demand prediction to enable a seamless optimal experience for customers. TotalEnergies will complement Goldbell’s efforts by enhancing charge points accessibility and convenience, through TotalEnergies’ proprietary EV charging solutions which are interoperable and flexible.

“Goldbell is very excited to partner with TotalEnergies, a global leader in the electric vehicle charging services,” said Arthur Chua, CEO of Goldbell Group. “TotalEnergies’ plans to grow their charge point network is very timely, given the exponential increase in demand, not only from BlueSG, but also our other core business units, such as corporate car leasing, commercial vehicle leasing and sales, and various high tech venture builds such as car sharing and car subscription. The integration of our respective next generation technology also creates the potential for us to bring a joint new mobility business solution to the global marketplace. As another step towards achieving carbon neutrality, this collaboration supports our vision for the Future of Mobility.”

Goldbell currently operates 740 BlueSG car sharing services and 8,000 passenger and commercial vehicle fleet in Singapore. TotalEnergies has a growing portfolio of charging networks in key cities around the world, including France, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, China and Singapore. All of these developments are in line with TotalEnergies’ ambition to become a major player in electric mobility.