Toyota Motor partners with Tokyo Electric to develop storage battery system
Image courtesy of Toyota Motor

Toyota Motor partners with Tokyo Electric to develop storage battery system

The storage battery market is expected to continue growing in light of the the widespread adoption renewable energy and electrified vehicles, as well as the global trend toward carbon neutrality. It will be necessary to utilise storage batteries for electrified vehicles in the future to meet the increasing demand and needs for energy storage.

To this end, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO HD) and Toyota Motor Corporation have jointly developed a stationary storage battery system that can be used in combination with existing PCS by connecting multiple storage batteries for electric vehicles. PCS Equipment connects storage batteries as a DC power source to supply AC power to the electric power system and various electrical equipment.

The verification project will confirm the system’s operation and performance as well as feasibility, including its potential for business use in the electricity market.

The stationary storage battery system (1 MW output, 3 MWh capacity) combines TEPCO’s operating technology and safety standards for stationary storage batteries and Toyota’s system technology for electrified vehicle (EV) storage batteries. This system will be installed in the Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm, a large-scale wind power plant owned by Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Construction of the facilities are being planned for this summer. The four companies will begin a collaborative verification project around fall of this year.

In addition to aiming for a carbon-neutral mobility society, Toyota Motor will work with Toyota Industries Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Denso Corporation to utilise storage batteries for electrified vehicles that are safe, long-lasting, high quality, low cost, and high performance, as part of its various activities to realise a circular economy.