UK’s Morris Lubricants appoints first chief operations officer
Photo courtesy of Morris Lubricants

UK’s Morris Lubricants appoints first chief operations officer 

Morris Lubricants recently promoted Owen Lloyd to become the company’s first chief operations officer, reflecting its focus on employee development and readiness for industry transformation.

The appointment comes as the lubricants business evolves to meet new demands shaped by global events, supply fluctuations, customer needs and end-user attitudes. Morris Lubricants recognises that progress requires building up employees at all levels.

With a proud heritage dating back to 1869, Morris Lubricants, based in Shrewsbury, is one of the largest privately-owned manufacturers of high-quality lubricants in Europe.

In his new role, Lloyd will oversee and manage the operational functions for Morris Lubricants, incorporating Production & Logistics, Purchasing, Distribution, Maintenance and Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ).

Lloyd joined Morris’ graduate program in 2016 after university. He rotated through departments, gaining broad exposure while meeting colleagues. After 18 months, he pursued a career in purchasing, negotiating contracts and earning professional certifications.

In 2019, Lloyd won the UK Lubricants Association’s Young Employee of the Year award for his contributions. He understands the industry is adapting to serve alternative fuel vehicles and emerging applications.

“Since I began in lubricants, there’s been a considerable shift towards new technologies and how our business will evolve,” Lloyd said.

As chief operations officer, he will oversee production, logistics, purchasing, distribution and other key functions. Lloyd’s promotion exhibits Morris Lubricants’ commitment to nurturing talent.

Morris focuses on training next generation

The company provides modern apprenticeships, graduate programs, management training and mentoring. Employees can obtain industry qualifications and formal education. Proactive development allows Morris Lubricants, one of the oldest lubricants companies in the UK, to prepare leaders like Lloyd.

“We are entering an exciting time, and success relies on our skilled employees. We actively develop talent whether through apprenticeships, graduates or students,” said Executive Chairman Andrew Goddard.

Morris Lubricants manufactures products for electric, hydrogen and synthetic fuel vehicles. Its operational excellence will be crucial as the industry transitions. Lloyd represents the next generation of leaders steering the company forward.