Unioil Petroleum Philippines to introduce Euro-5 compliant gasoline and diesel fuels soon

Fuel marketer Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. said it will soon start introducing Euro 5-compliant gasoline and diesel fuels, which contain a maximum sulphur limit of 10 parts per million (ppm) in the Philippines. All fuel marketers were required to sell only Euro 4-compliant fuels by January 1, 2016, to comply with the Philippine Clean Air Act and the Philippine Department of Energy Circular DC2015-06-0004.

Unioil President Kenneth Pundanera said although there is no fixed date for Unioil’s launch, it is expected to occur within the next few months.

“Unioil’s Euro 5 fuel will once again be the cleanest and most advanced in the country,” the company said.

The company pointed out that it introduced Euro 4 fuels, which contain a maximum sulphur content to 50 ppm, at its retail outlets as early as 2013, years ahead of the government-mandated official introduction of Euro 4.

Unioil also introduced during its 50th anniversary last week, its groundbreaking air vision project, wherein Unioil has partnered with the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to install air quality monitoring equipment in select locations in the Philippines, including at Unioil service stations.

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