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Univar gets exclusive rights to distribute UCON™ Fluids and Lubricants in North America

Univar Inc., a global chemical and ingredient distributor and provider of value-added services, will expand its relationship with The Dow Chemical Company to include exclusive distribution rights for UCON™ Fluids and Lubricants in North America.

This agreement will complement an already long-standing relationship between Dow and ChemPoint.com Inc., a technology-enabled sales and marketing organization that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Univar.

“Univar and Dow have enjoyed a strong relationship that spans approximately seventy-five years of serving customers in a wide-variety of industries,” says Brian Jurcak, VP of Product Management for Univar. “Dow’s global leadership, reputation for quality, and their commitment to growth in key end markets creates tremendous value. Pair that with Univar’s industry know-how and value-added services, including excellent technical and laboratory support, as well as formulation proficiency, and we can now deliver an exceptional experience for our customers.”

UCON™ is a leading brand of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) fluids and lubricants utilized in a wide variety of applications and end-markets, including compressor and gear lubricants, hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, turbine lubricants, greases and food grade lubricants. The agreement also includes the oil soluble PAG (OSP) base fluids product line. UCON™ OSP base fluids allow formulators to incorporate the advantages of a PAG synthetic base fluid, in combination with mineral, synthetic hydrocarbon or other oils, to achieve a balanced formulation that capitalizes on the strengths of multiple chemistries. The resulting lubricant can provide enhanced wear performance, deposit control, oxidation stability, viscosity index, low-temperature stability and other valuable properties.

“The combination of Univar and ChemPoint representing this product line offers Dow market-leading capabilities to help drive our growth,” said Andrew Larson, North America market manager for Dow. “Customers across North America, in key end market segments such as industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids, will benefit from Univar’s extensive supply chain network, commitment to customer success, and leading digital technology.”