Univar to distribute Dow's PAG-based products in China
Photo courtesy of Univar Solutions

Univar to distribute Dow’s PAG-based products in China

Univar Solutions China Limited, a subsidiary of U.S.-based global chemical and ingredient distributor Univar Solutions Inc., announced an extension of its relationship with Dow Chemical in connection with UCON PAG-based synthetic products in China.

Polyalkylene glycols or PAGs are one of the most versatile types of synthetic fluids. PAGs are generally known as compressor lubricants, and their use in industry has increased since the 1980s. Increasing performance standards in the automotive and industrial markets peg these sectors as areas that show promise for growth. These fluids can be manufactured to be either water soluble or water insoluble.

The announcement builds on the long-term relationship between Dow Chemical and Univar Solutions in North America, Latin America and Europe, creating a truly global partnership. The extension of their partnership in China strengthens Univar’s portfolio in China with the addition of Dow’s UCON PAG-based synthetic base fluids and underscores Univar’s efforts to organically grow with its key partners in Asia Pacific.

“Our strategic relationship with Dow allows us to provide customers with access to a robust portfolio of industrial product components. As the largest distributor of Dow’s Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids ingredients, we’re thrilled that our relationship has expanded into mainland China and Hong Kong, enabling us to offer these chemistries across the globe,” said Federico Montaner, global vice president, Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids for Univar Solutions. 

“Working side by side as valued and trusted partners, we’re committed to staying ahead of market trends and regulatory shifts to support the multifaceted needs of customers in the lubricants and metalworking markets.”

Univar Solutions has worked alongside Dow for more than 30 years, helping to provide customers with innovative products, formulation know-how, supply chain services, sustainable solutions and expertise for Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids to help accelerate the time to market. 

“With the strength of our global network, we’re continuously working to find solutions, accelerate innovation and advance product development for customers in mainland China and Hong Kong,” said Myron Li, general manager, China and Southeast Asia for Univar Solutions. 

“Through our global team of technical, sales, marketing and application development experts, we’re able to holistically serve customers whenever and wherever needed in a range of important industries,” Li said.

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