UNO introduces UNO with Dynamax

UNO, a member of Honduras-based Group Terra, has launched UNO-branded fuels with Dynamax at UNO service stations in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Dynamax is a fuel additive package supplied by U.K.-based fuel additive supplier Innospec. UNO said that UNO with Dynamax can help lower vehicle maintenance costs because the detergent additive can help dissolve contaminants and other solid particles in the fuel, as well as protect valves, combustion chambers and injectors in the engine, “optimizing the functioning of important parts, providing high performance with maximum power.”

UNO is the largest importer and distributor of petrol, fuel oil, diesel and bitumen in Latin America. It operates a network of approximately 500 service stations. The UNO brand of service stations is also present in Costa Rica and Belize, in addition to Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. In Guatemala, UNO operates service stations under the Shell brand.

In related news, UNO Nicaragua has renewed its line of lubricants to meet the demands of the local market. The company first launched a new generation of lubricants in the Central American market a year ago.

With 92 service stations in Nicaragua, UNO said it is offering lubricants with a higher level of protection. The new products are expected to help the business consolidate its position as the leading local brand, as well as compete with global brands.

The packaging has been given a new look, with a modern navy blue bottle and lids in a range of colors to help customers easily identify each product line.

The current line is comprised of four products: UNO Ultra 5W-30, UNO Forza 15 W-40, UNO Impulse 4T 20W-50 and UNO Ultra 20W-50.

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