Valvoline invests in German heat transfer fluid company HAERTOL
Photo courtesy of HAERTOL Chemie

Valvoline invests in German heat transfer fluid company HAERTOL

Valvoline Global Operations, based in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.A., announced an equity investment in HAERTOL Chemie GmbH, a leading European manufacturer of automotive heat transfer fluids. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

This strategic move aligns with Valvoline’s ongoing commitment to broaden its product and service offerings to cater to global consumer and customer demands. Since 2018, Valvoline and HAERTOL have fostered an international licensing and distribution partnership. As part of this collaboration, Valvoline has been distributing the premium coolant FROSTOX®HT-12 across North America and the Asia Pacific.

Valvoline was established in 1866 and was the first to introduce branded motor oil to the world. In March 2023, Saudi Aramco acquired Valvoline’s global products business for USD2.65 billion, through one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries. With its products available in over 140 countries, the company is dedicated to crafting solutions for a diverse range of engines and drivetrains. As the automotive landscape evolves, Valvoline remains at the forefront, developing solutions for electric, hybrid, and traditional internal combustion vehicles.

On the other hand, HAERTOL, founded in 1952, has more than six decades of experience in creating chemical products, including antifreeze and heat transfer fluids. The company has grown to become a top European supplier of these products, earning certifications from major European premium original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Both companies anticipate that this strengthened relationship will pave the way for innovative automotive technologies, enhancing value for their global clientele.