Valvoline launches new coolants technology
Photo courtesy of Valvoline

Valvoline launches new coolants technology

Valvoline Inc., a leading provider of automotive services and premium-branded lubricants, has launched new coolants technology specifically designed for modern engines: Valvoline Antifreeze Coolant HT-12™ Green and Valvoline Antifreeze Coolant HT-12 Pink.

“Many of today’s cars are powered by more complex, higher power density engines that operate at higher temperatures. These engines require advanced coolant chemistry,” said Dr. Karolina Jablonka, technical applications manager, Valvoline Europe. “HT-12 Green and HT-12 Pink are approved against the latest VW and BMW coolant specifications and offer protection for up to five years or 250,000 km.“

Valvoline Antifreeze Coolant HT-12 Pink is approved by Volkswagen according to VW TL 774-L (G12evo) and Valvoline Antifreeze Coolant HT-12 Green according to BMW Lifetime-Coolant 18 (BMW LC-18). 

“Valvoline has been innovating since our beginnings in 1886. Over the years, as engine technology has evolved, Valvoline’s product range has also evolved. With the release of Valvoline HT-12 Pink and Green coolants, aftermarket customers have access to the latest patented coolant technology,” said Diego Brodoni, vice president and general manager, Valvoline Europe said.

“Valvoline HT-12 Green and HT-12 Pink are formulated with state-of-the-art silicate organic acid technology (Si-OAT), safeguarding all cooling system metals, including aluminium,“ said Dr. Marco Bergemann, managing director, HAERTOL Chemie GmbH. “This prevents cylinder head pitting and provides excellent protection to the engine block cooling channels, radiator and water pump against corrosion, overheating and frost. The coolants are also formulated to prevent harm to gaskets, hoses, plastics and vehicle paint.”

Valvoline’s and HAERTOL’s new coolants are free from phosphates, nitrites, amines and borates and feature a high degree of silicate stability. This results in coolants that are resistant to reactivity with calcium and magnesium and compatible even with hard tap water, removing the requirement for workshops to keep demineralised water in stock.

Valvoline HT-12 Green and HT-12 Pink are available in both concentrate or ready-to-use forms and expand Valvoline’s range of coolants for the independent aftermarket.

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