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Valvoline launches new portfolio of fluids for hybrid vehicles

Valvoline launches new portfolio of fluids for hybrid vehicles
Photo courtesy of Valvoline Global

Valvoline™ Global Operations, a part of Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies, announced a new portfolio of Valvoline™ hybrid engine performance fluids that are the first and only to be specifically engineered for the unique needs of hybrid engines.

Valvoline’s Hybrid Vehicle Performance Fluids are available in select U.S. retailers now.

Hybrid vehicle adoption is rapidly growing, with sales recently rising 76%, now accounting for 5% of U.S. light vehicle sales. Consumers are increasingly choosing hybrid vehicles because of fuel efficiency, lower emissions and extended driving range compared to electric vehicles.

“Hybrid vehicles are a critical spoke in the future of mobility—and new motors need new solutions,” said Jamal Muashsher, Valvoline Global CEO. “As the automotive industry is evolving, we’re inventing the way forward so all of our customers can have the technology they need, no matter their vehicle preference.”

The new Hybrid Vehicle Performance Fluids from Valvoline are the first full suite of products engineered from the ground-up for the specific needs of hybrid engines. The product line includes:

  • Motor Oil with Trap & Lock Technology™ that protects hybrids from water contamination that can form from lower operating temperatures than traditional engines
  • Transmission Fluid that supports the long-term health of hybrid transmissions by protecting copper parts
  • Antifreeze that helps maximise the battery life and cooling system performance of hybrid vehicles

“We knew that addressing hybrid vehicle needs required a fresh approach, not just testing existing products on hybrids,” said Roger England, Vice president and chief research and development officer at Valvoline Global. “Our new set of products were engineered in our engine lab by our top researchers and engineers so hybrid owners can feel confident that their vehicles are protected and optimised with smart, customised solutions.”