Valvoline launches new premium full synthetic motor oil
Photo courtesy of Valvoline

Valvoline launches new premium full synthetic motor oil

U.S.-based Valvoline Inc., a leading global marketer and supplier of branded lubricants and automotive services, has launched Valvoline™ Full Synthetic Extended Protection, Valvoline’s most premium full synthetic motor oil. The full synthetic motor oil features new innovative Dual Defense Additive Technology to fight deposits and wear and enhance engine longevity, the company said.

Valvoline said that rigorous engine lab testing showed the full synthetic motor oil to be 10 times stronger against oil breakdown and provide 50% better protection against engine wear than current industry standards.

Extended Protection provides superior protection for every engine on the road today, attacking the main causes of engine failure while maximizing engine performance, minimizing sludge and deposits and keeping engines running like new, the company claimed.

“A vehicle is a big investment,” said Heidi Matheys, Valvoline chief marketing officer. “Extended Protection’s premium formulation helps extend the life of the engine so that people can enjoy their vehicle for years to come.”

Today’s engine designs are driven by the desire for both greater fuel efficiency and horsepower, leading to an increased use of turbocharged gasoline direct injected engines that boost power while conserving fuel. Engines are also smaller, run hotter and demand more from engine oils than ever before. As such, thermal stability, cleanliness and wear protection are critical to maximizing engine performance and life. Extended Protection was designed to provide this and more. Its Dual Defense Additive Technology combines innovative boosters with a fortified detergent system to withstand extreme heat and maximize engine cleanliness.

Additionally, the product exceeds the latest engine oil specifications (API, SP, ILSAC, GF-6 and GM dexos1) and is enhanced with a targeted booster to provide additional detergency, thermal stability and turbocharger protection. Extended Protection also protects against Low Speed, Pre Ignition (LSPI), an issue common in gasoline direct injection engines.

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