Valvoline launches Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 in Europe
Photo courtesy of Valvoline

Valvoline launches Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 in Europe

U.S.-based Valvoline Inc., a leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, has launched Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 in the European market. This is the second generation of a product first unveiled by Valvoline in 2018.

Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 formulation combines premium base oils with carefully selected additives to offer excellent wear protection and maximum engine efficiency in many severe operating conditions. It provides significantly improved oxidation control and thermal stability, along with the option of increased oil drain intervals.

Valvoline has developed the innovative Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 in partnership with Cummins Engineering. The two companies have a long-term relationship spanning a quarter of a century. As a result of this collaboration, the new oil enjoys multiple OEM approvals for a wide range of Cummins engines as well as other leading engine manufacturers.

This premium quality, medium ash engine oil is recommended for use in the latest low emission diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid natural gas (LNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), propane, and gasoline engines. It is suitable for heavy, medium and light-duty vehicles and also for off-road applications. The formulation is also compatible with exhaust aftertreatment systems, including diesel particulate filters.

This versatile range of applications makes Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 an ideal solution for buses, delivery trucks and other service multi-fleet or multi fueled vehicles or machines. What it offers is the simplicity of a single solution that can be utilized by operators with mixed fleets.

Specifically, the new product’s suitability to multiple fuel type applications negates the requirement to stock a range of oils. The benefits of this are considerable and include less storage space, faster turnaround during audits, less possibility of contamination and lowering the potential of misapplication of the wrong oil type during the fluid service.

In addition, the engine oil offers longer oil drain intervals, approximately 5,000 miles or 8,050 kilometres more in Cummins X15 engines across most duty cycles and a 5000hour drain interval extension in Cummins ISL G and L9N engines. The medium ash content in Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 helps to improve acid control produced by post combustion, improving oxidation control.

“We have developed Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 based on feedback from the market and in close cooperation with a leading engine manufacturer. This oil draws on the proven credentials of the first generation and builds on this with collaborative innovation to offer customers a solution that both simplifies operations and results in cost savings over the lifecycle of their vehicles,” says Alistair Weston, Valvoline’s technical services manager, Europe.

Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen 2 is available in two viscosity grades, 10W-30 and 15W-40.

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