Valvoline launches synthetic oils for marine, powersports

Valvoline launches synthetic oils for marine, powersports

Valvoline Global Operations has unveiled its latest offering: a range of full synthetic 4-stroke motor oils tailored for marine and powersports applications.

Four-stroke engines in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility task vehicles (UTVs), and marine vehicles face distinct challenges. These engines often operate at higher speeds, are used seasonally, and are exposed to harsh conditions. Such conditions can lead to issues like corrosion, wear, and dirt accumulation if the engine isn’t adequately protected.

Valvoline’s new synthetic motor oils are designed to address these challenges. They offer enhanced protection and performance, regardless of the environment or climate. The product lineup includes:

Valvoline Ultimate Powersport Full Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil: Ideal for small engines in ATVs, UTVs, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. It promises up to 50% better wear protection and eight times the rust defense compared to industry benchmarks.

Valvoline Full Synthetic 4-Stroke Marine Oil: Tailored for marine engines, this oil provides up to eight times better defense against rust—essential for engines exposed to elements like saltwater. It also offers up to 50% enhanced wear protection.

Both products not only meet but often exceed the latest manufacturer specifications. They also feature potent cleaning agents that help prevent dirt buildup in high-revving engines.

These new synthetic motor oils are now available at select retailers across the United States.