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Vickers Oils launches wire rope lubricants

Vickers Oils announced four new wire rope lubricants, along with introducing their well-known BIOGREASE EP2 to the non-marine market.

Two penetrating lubricants, VICKERLUBE BIO LV WRL, the biodegradable low viscosity wire rope lubricant and its mineral equivalent VICKERLUBE LV WRL are being introduced to the marine and non-marine sectors. The low viscosity lubricant with a solvent component allows lubricant to penetrate between the strands and reach the core of the wire rope providing complete rope lubrication. The solvent then evaporates leaving an oil film that protects and lubricates each strand against wear and corrosion.

Also, two coating lubricants to penetrate slightly and seal the outside of the cable from moisture, reducing wear, rust, and corrosion have been introduced in the range. VICKERLUBE HV WRL and VICKERLUBE BIO WRL are the two mineral and biodegradable versions that will be available.

To complete the range, Vickers Oils is introducing their well-known BIOGREASE EP2, biodegradable grease to the non-marine industries. BIOGREASE EP2 is one of the top range greases currently available to the marine industry.

About Vickers Oils

Vickers Oils is a privately-run family business, established in the UK in 1828, with a reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier of high performance, speciality lubricants.

In 2002, Vickers Oils launched the worldโ€™s first biodegradable stern tube oil and now supply thousands of vessels with our award-winning range of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) delivered globally.