Vopak repurposes 22 tanks to store eco-friendly fuels in California
Photo courtesy of Neste

Vopak repurposes 22 tanks to store eco-friendly fuels in California

Royal Vopak has transformed 22 storage tanks at its terminal in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., marking a significant stride in supporting the green energy transition. The tanks, with a total capacity of 148,000 cubic meters, previously housed traditional fuels but will now store sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel. Vopak, the world’s leading independent tank storage company, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, invested EUR30 million (USD31.6 million) in converting its oil storage capacity to biofuels storage.

This initiative is in collaboration with Finland’s Neste, a global leader in renewable fuel production. The repurposed tanks are strategically located in the Port of Los Angeles, ensuring efficient logistics and distribution via ships, trucks, pipelines, and trains. This move amplifies the availability of Neste’s renewable fuels, including SAF for airlines at Los Angeles International Airport.

Annika Tibbe, acting president for Neste US, highlighted the project’s alignment with California’s progressive climate policies. The state has been a pioneer in adopting eco-friendly initiatives, and the enhanced availability of renewable fuels will further bolster its stance on environmental preservation.

Gene Seroka, executive director at the Port of Los Angeles, commended Vopak’s initiative. The port is eyeing zero-emission goals by 2030, and the introduction of tanks for SAF and low-carbon fuels is a commendable step towards this objective.

Maria Ciliberti, president of Vopak United States and Canada, expressed pride in the collaboration with Neste. The shift from traditional fossil fuel storage to low-carbon energy aligns with Vopak’s strategic objectives. The company is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in Los Angeles’ energy transition.