Intertek Webinar: Beyond CEC Fuels Testing

Webinar: Beyond CEC Fuels Testing

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Join Intertek’s Propulsion Fluids Test Manager, Ben Moxey, on 18th October at 3 PM BST where Ben will be presenting ‘Beyond CEC Fuels Testing’.  

The presentation will cover:  

  • Fuels testing: An introduction
  • Limitations of stand fuels testing
  • Bespoke test development: The benefits
  • Benefit 1: Flexible application environmental challenges
  • Benefit 2: Cycle development
  • Benefit 3: Scalable depth of learning
  • The Intertek advantage

Date: 18th October 

Time: 3 PM BST

The on-demand version of the webinar is now available.

Ben Moxey - Interket Webinar Presenter

Ben Moxey,
Propulsion Fluids Test Manager

Ben is Intertek’s UK Propulsion Fluids Test Manager and leads the testing and development teams across our Milton Keynes sites. Ben provides customers with Assurance, Testing and Certification services for traditional engine-based fuels and lubricants, synthetic and bio-fuels, and fluids designed for EV applications. Prior to joining Intertek, Ben gained over 13 years of experience in engineering roles within the development of powertrain systems and petrochemical testing and comes from a background of biofuel academic research. Ben has also been a board member of a group in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for over 7 years, dedicated to supporting powertrain systems and fuels.

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