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Whitmore’s OilSafe brand broadens reach in Europe

Whitmore's OilSafe brand broadens reach in Europe
Photo courtesy of OilSafe

Whitmore Manufacturing, a CSW Industrials, Inc. subsidiary, has announced its expansion of OilSafe, a leader in lubrication storage and handling solutions, into Europe. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey and underlines its commitment to better serving its European customers.

Douglas Reid, Whitmore Manufacturing’s VP of Product Development, stated the company’s dedication to the European market. “This expansion represents a significant step in our company’s journey and demonstrates our commitment to better serving our valued customers across the European continent,” Reid said.

The decision to establish a stronger presence in Europe is driven by increasing customer demand, rising industry requirements, and OilSafe’s dedication to positively impacting industrial operations. By setting up an inventory location in Dunstable, United Kingdom, and bulk system manufacturing on the continent, OilSafe aims to offer cutting-edge solutions and expertise to a wider range of industries, including manufacturing, food & beverage, chemicals, pulp & paper, aviation, mining, and many others.

The expansion will provide enhanced local support, an extensive product portfolio, tailored training and consultancy, and collaborative innovation. Mark Bass, president of Whitmore Manufacturing, added, “With our proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and superior customer service, expanding operations in Europe was a natural progression to better serve the market.”

Established in 1893, Whitmore Manufacturing is a leader in providing innovative products and services that increase the reliability, performance, and lifespan of industrial assets. Brands include Whitmore, Jet-Lube, Deacon, Kats, OilSafe, and Air Sentry. CSW Industrials is a diversified industrial growth company with industry-leading operations in three segments: Contractor Solutions,  Engineered Building Solutions, and Specialized Reliability Solutions.