Wolf Lubricants adds VITALTECH 5W30 to GAS engine oil line-up
Photo courtesy of Wolf Lubricants

Wolf Lubricants adds VITALTECH 5W30 to GAS engine oil line-up

Belgian lube manufacturer Wolf Lubricants has launched a new engine oil for its gas line-up, in response to the growing alternative fuel vehicles market. VITALTECH 5W30 GAS joins Wolf’s VITALTECH 5W40 GAS engine oil in the brand’s GAS line-up. 

Wolf’s GAS engine oil range is fully synthetic, designed to meet the requirements of Dual Fuel, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) passenger cars and light-duty vehicles. Wolf’s GAS range helps to protect the engine’s valves and neutralise the acidic compounds created due to higher combustion temperatures. 

Currently, 3.2% of passenger vehicles and 1.5% of light-duty vehicles are utilising some form of LPG or CNG combustion engines. Dual Fuel vehicles, using petrol and either LPG or CNG, make up much of the alternative fuel vehicle market, around 98%.   The increasing popularity of gas vehicles has been driven by a unique combination of environmental and economic benefits. 

Growth is being further supported by European incentives to promote the development of alternative fuel infrastructure and the implementation of sustainability legislation.   

“Gas and Dual Fuel vehicles offer a fantastic, sustainable alternative but there is little industry understanding about their unique lubrication requirements. To address this, we established our pioneering GAS range with the launch of WOLF VITALTECH 5W40 GAS,” said Johan Van Hove, senior technical and training manager.

”Now, with the addition of WOLF VITALTECH 5W30 GAS, we have expanded our range and significantly increased its versatility, providing workshops with a greater diversity of options to suit their customers’ vehicles.”  

VITALTECH 5W30 GAS is available in a wide range of packaging sizes from 1 to 1,000 litres.