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Xeriant launches next-generation of eco-friendly lubricants

Xeriant launches next-generation of eco-friendly lubricants

Xeriant, Inc., a new aerospace technology holding company, announced that it has been working with its strategic alliance partner, Xeriant Europe s.r.o., to launch a line of next-generation eco-friendly metal conditioners and lubricants under the brand names XERI-MC and XERI-L, which are in the process of being sold worldwide under an exclusive licensing agreement.

Initial orders have started, and the product has already been shipped to companies in 14 countries. As with other advanced materials, the implications for this technology reach far beyond aerospace, with potential use in a broad range of automotive, energy, industrial, military and marine applications.

XERI-MC increases the performance and efficiency of machinery while decreasing maintenance and downtime, which can have major economic benefits. Invented for aircraft engines, XERI-MC is effective under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Its powerful, non-toxic XERI Metal Conditioner nanofilm agent, on a molecular level, significantly reduces metal-to-metal friction and the related negative side effects such as heat, energy consumption, noise, and wear and tear on parts. XERI-MC also extends the life of metal parts by reducing corrosion and repelling water. XERI-MC has been demonstrated to be beneficial in automobiles, trucks, farm equipment, drilling systems, ships, army equipment and biogas plants. A biogas company in the Czech Republic, Bioplyn Jílové s.r.o., is now using XERI-MC at one of their plants to save energy in producing electricity. There are 554 biogas plants in the Czech Republic and tens of thousands worldwide, which reaches 50 million when small bioenergy sites, called micro-scale digesters, are included.

“This is one of many advanced materials that Xeriant Europe is securing under exclusive licensing agreements for Xeriant to generate near-term revenue and profitability, each with enormous potential in aerospace and other industries,” said Xeriant CEO Keith Duffy.

Xeriant Aerospace and Xeriant Europe have been working together to source and secure novel high-potential eco-friendly products and technologies in the Czech Republic.

Throughout history, the aerospace industry has been at the leading edge of many game-changing technological breakthroughs which have led to the commercialization of spinoff products across various industries. The global lubricants market was estimated at USD55 billion in 2019 and is expected to hit USD80 billion by 2027, according to a November 2020 report by published Precedence Research.

“XERI-MC is receiving a tremendous response from many companies around the world once they see its positive effect on their equipment, aircraft and vehicles. We expect to generate sales in over 40 countries this year,” said XE President Henry Biza.

About Xeriant

Xeriant, Inc., which is doing business as Xeriant Aerospace, is a holding and operating company focused on acquiring, developing, and commercializing revolutionary, eco-friendly technologies with applications in aerospace, including innovative aircraft concepts targeting emerging opportunities within the aviation industry. In 2019, Xeriant acquired a unique, scalable, multi-purpose VTOL aerial platform called Halo, which is protected under a broad utility patent. Xeriant is located at the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A., adjacent to the Boca Raton Airport. The company is an OTC Markets public company trading under the stock symbol, XERI.

About Xeriant Europe

Xeriant Europe s.r.o., headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, was founded with the purpose of uncovering leading-edge green technologies with applications in aerospace, primarily from the Czech Republic, and promoting them on the world market, especially in the U.S.A. The company’s focus is on unique products that are either already being sold or are close to commercialization.