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Yang Shixu is appointed new president of BP China

Yang Shixu is appointed new president of BP China
Photo courtesy of BP China

BP announced that Yang Shixu will be the president of BP China and the senior vice president of BP group’s regional affairs and urban low-carbon solutions effective July 1st.

Yang Shixu has been working in BP for more than 20 years. He worked at McKinsey China and Unilever, and joined BP in 1998. Yang mainly leads BP’s downstream business in Asia. During this period, he held leadership positions in various joint venture projects in Mainland China and Taiwan, South Korea, and Malaysia, and was responsible for joint venture company management, capital projects, and commercial operations and optimization. Prior to that, he served as president of BP Asia’s acetyl business and was responsible for the management of BP’s many joint ventures in Asia.

Yang holds bachelor and master degrees from Shanghai International Studies University.

“China actively promotes energy transformation and creates a green, low-carbon, and sustainable future. After BP has proposed a new ‘net zero’ vision, it will continue to be committed to becoming China’s most trusted energy partner. We will continue to promote our cooperation with Chinese partners and expand new cooperation opportunities to develop integrated energy and low-carbon solutions.” said William Lin, executive vice president of BP Groupโ€™s regional affairs and urban low-carbon solutions.

“I am honored to be able to shoulder this responsibility,” Yang said. “China is the world’s largest energy consumer and has proposed an ambitious urbanization development plan. Since BP entered the Chinese market in 1973, it has been committed to bringing China Long-term, sustainable development value. Looking ahead, I have full confidence in the companyโ€™s prospects in China. We will continue to strengthen cooperation with Chinese partners to provide low-carbon innovative solutions for cities.โ€

Yang Shixu succeeds Yang Xiaoping, who officially resigned on June 30, 2020, after working for the company for nearly 30 years. “Dr. Yang’s prestige in China during BP China’s prestige has greatly increased, and he has formed a wide range of cooperative relations with academic institutions, governments and enterprises,” said Lin. “I believe that Mr. Yang Shixu will lead BP China , to further implement the firmโ€™s firm commitment, actively support Chinaโ€™s energy transformation, and at the same time expand major growth opportunities for the sustainable development of BP and China.โ€

The main business activities of BP in China include: oil and gas exploration and development, production and sales of petrochemical products, aviation fuel supply, fuel retail, lubricants business, oil and gas supply and trade, LNG receiving stations and gas transmission lines, chemical technology licensing, advanced Mobile travel and venture capital business. BP cooperated with Chinese partners to go abroad and entered a broader field of cooperation. For more information about BP China, visit www.BP.com.cn.