Z Energy enters New Zealand’s retail electricity market
Photo courtesy of Z Energy

Z Energy enters New Zealand’s retail electricity market

New Zealand’s Z Energy is bringing its energy expertise to the retail electricity market by launching Z Electric, a new power offer that will be supported by subsidiary Flick Electric.

Z Electric offers New Zealand’s first electricity and fuel rewards bundle with no fixed-term contracts and no exit fees.

Z Electric will offer customers the chance to get their electricity from a New Zealand-owned company that offers regular fuel rewards through Z’s award-winning virtual fuel tank, Sharetank in Z App, and – unlike many other companies – rewards them more the longer they are a customer.

Z’s Chief Innovation Officer, Scott Bishop said that Z Electric is a power offer that is all about being relevant to the daily lives of New Zealanders now and into the electric future. 

“We know we need to use less fossil fuels wherever possible. But for many people, their options are currently limited to petrol and diesel to get around, do their jobs and take care of their whānau. That’s why we wanted to offer a power deal that helps people with their everyday lives and budgets, but without the fixed term contracts and catches of other offers. 

“With Z Electric, customers get the benefit of fuel rewards through Sharetank in Z App as soon as they join and on an ongoing basis, and they can leave at any time without an exit fee. What’s more, Sharetank enables customers to share their fuel rewards with up to five people so their friends and whānau can benefit. 

“With Z Electric, we want to learn from our customers about how we can best support them as we all head into the electric future that we know is coming. We aim to meet them wherever they are along the way with real options to solve what matters for them in a low carbon moving world,” said Scott.