Zeller+Gmelin launches PAO-based multigrade hydraulic oil
Photo courtesy of Zeller+Gmelin

Zeller+Gmelin launches PAO-based multigrade hydraulic oil

Zeller+Gmelin has launched a fully synthetic,  biodegradable multigrade hydraulic oil, Divinol SynthoHyd Eco46. 

“Our development department is permanently working on continuously increasing  the proportion of sustainable, resource-saving lubricants, especially for outdoor use,”  said Andreas Krapf, product manager for Automotive and Special Automotive  Products, Zeller+Gmelin. 

As an environmentally friendly hydraulic oil, Divinol SynthoHyd Eco46 is suitable  for year-round use in, for example, construction, agricultural and forestry machinery  and even snow groomers due to its temperature resistance. 

“Whether  on land or in waterโ€”our new bio-hydraulic oil is designed for high temperature  fluctuations and at the same time protects the environment through the lowest  possible oil input,” Krapf said.

Divinol SynthoHyd Eco46 can also be  used in stationary hydraulics and industrial plants, such as, for example, injection moulding machines. 

The new bio hydraulic oil has been awarded the EU Ecolabel (DE/027/268), the  Austrian Ecolabel and the Swedish Ecolabel Swedish Standard SS 155434. 

The use of a high-quality zinc/ash-free additive combination also ensures excellent corrosion  and wear protection as well as improved ageing behaviour. Due to the synthetic  base oil characteristics, no gumming or deposits due to thermally induced oil ageing  occur even at higher operating temperatures. The hydraulic oil is formulated with polyalphaolefins (PAO) and is fully biodegradable according to OECD 301  B. 

“Divinol SynthoHyd Eco46 has excellent low- and high temperature behaviour and is ideal for extended oil change intervals. Our users  therefore not only protect the environment and important resources, but in return  they also get the performance they need in daily use.” 

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