Zeller+Gmelin launches specialty petrol for 2T and 4T engines

Zeller+Gmelin launches specialty petrol for 2T and 4T engines

German lubricant manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin is launching two specialty petrol products for the forestry and gardening sector: Divinol 2T Mix for two-stroke and Divinol 4T Pure for four-stroke engines.  

Working with petrol-powered equipment such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers and  lawnmower is part of everyday life in many professions and also in the hobby sector.  However, anyone who works for a long time with, for example, a two-stroke engine with  a conventional mix of two-stroke oil and petrol is exposed to exhaust gases and  unburnt fuel. Ready-to-use special fuels are therefore recommended. “Health protection has top priority,”  says Andreas Krapf, product manager at Zeller+Gmelin. “With our new Divinol tool  petrol 2T Mix for two-stroke engines and Divinol 4T Pure for four-stroke engines, we  offer an alternative to petrol made from crude oil. In this way, we protect the user, the  environment and, last but not least, the engines.”  

Conventional fossil-based petrol is a real “fuel cocktail,” said Krapf, consisting of about 100  different substances. Divinol 2T Mix and 4T Pure, on the other hand, are based on  alkylate benzines. Synthetically produced, they consist of about 10 different  substances and are virtually free of components that are hazardous to human health and the  environment, such as benzene, aromatics and sulphur.

“Divinol 2T Mix is a ready-to-use two-stroke mixture based on alkylate petrol and has received the test mark of the Kuratorium fรผr Wald + Forst  (KWF) for it,” says Krapf. Thus, it is considered a โ€œgreenโ€ fuel, he claims.  

The “green fuel” is also available as ready-to-use four-stroke petrol. Divinol 4T Pure,  based on alkylate petrol, also bears the test mark of the Kuratorium fรผr Wald + Forst  (KWF), the German Forestry Council.

Divinol 4T Pure can be used in power tools such as lawn tractors and lawnmowers,  power generators, go-karts, vibratory plates and snow blowers, cut-off machines,  which require a 4T fuel and have their own oil balance for engine lubrication.

In contrast to conventional petrol with an aromatics content of up to 30%, Divinol 4T  Pure is low in aromatics and contains hardly any lead or sulphur. The low-pollutant petrol and the  resulting lower soot formation ensure clean combustion, fewer deposits and thus less  wear and tear as well as a longer service life of the machine. 

The Ready-Mix fuels have a shelf life of up to two years when properly stored, he says.