Zero Petroleum and ADNOC explore synthetic fuel production in UAE
Photo courtesy of Zero Petroleum

Zero Petroleum and ADNOC explore synthetic fuel production in UAE

Zero Petroleum, a producer of carbon-neutral synthetic fuel, has entered into a partnership with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to explore the development of a synthetic fuel production plant in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This collaboration aims to harness Zero’s innovative fuel technology for commercial-scale production.

Zero Petroleum has made significant strides in creating fossil-free gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from air and water. This technology presents a scalable and sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. The company’s achievements include powering the first aircraft with synthetic fuel and collaborating with Rolls-Royce to enhance the application of its fuels in various sectors.

The partnership with ADNOC is expected to evaluate the feasibility of a large-scale plant that integrates Zero’s technology with green hydrogen, renewable energy, and carbon capture. This initiative could pave the way for the supply of fossil-free fuels in diverse industries, including aviation.

Paddy Lowe, CEO of Zero, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the potential of their technology to produce high-quality gasoline, jet, and diesel fuels that are entirely fossil-free. The collaboration with ADNOC is seen as a significant step towards scaling the production of synthetic fuels.

Zero recently inaugurated Plant Zero. 1, a facility dedicated to the engineering-scale production of synthetic fuels. The alliance with ADNOC will explore the possibility of establishing a plant in the UAE to produce carbon-neutral fuels using Zero’s DirectFTยฎ technology. These fuels are compatible with existing engines and offer a scalable solution.

Synthetic fuels are emerging as a viable option to decarbonise various sectors. Zero anticipates that these fuels will reach cost parity with fossil fuels within the next 10 years, offering a competitive and sustainable alternative.