October 22, 2020

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Zhanjiang Hongda Petrochemical Co. starts operations at lube oil recycling plant in Guangdong province
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The first phase of Zhanjiang Hongda Petrochemical Co. Ltd.’s lube oil recycling plant has commenced operations on December 28, offering an environmentally friendly solution to waste oil collected from Zhanjiang and surrounding areas. The project occupies 4.3 hectares at the Lingang Industrial Park.

Zhanjiang is located at the southwestern end of Guangdong province, in the People’s Republic of China. Last year, Zhanjiang was named as a pilot city for the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Urban Development and Livable Garden Community Program (SUC) and Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities (GIREC).

SUC was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 43 years ago to aid sustainable development in terms of carbon reduction and resource conservation.

According to the SUC, Zhanjiang will receive technical assistance for the next three years from the UNEP’s expert team on green transportation, recycling economy and environmental protection.

Listed among the top 50 enterprises in the city, Zhanjiang Hongda Petrochemical Co. Ltd. is mainly involved in the sales of fuel oil, petroleum products, bitumen and sulphur.

The first phase of the plant, which will produce 100,000 tons of lubricants, required an investment of CNY 190 million (USD 29.23 million). Annual revenues from the first phase are expected to reach CNY 400 million (USD 61.55 million).

These figures are expected to double when phase two becomes operational. No timeline was given for the start of phase two.

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