AVISTA OIL AG partners with IFP Petro Products in India
Photo courtesy of AVISTA OIL AG

AVISTA OIL AG partners with IFP Petro Products in India

AVISTA OIL AG, A German-based global player in used oil collection,  re-refining, and sustainability, has entered the Indian market through a strategic partnership with  IFP Petro Products, a pioneer in the Indian used oil re-refining industry. The partnership aims to  revolutionise the used oil re-refining industry in India by introducing innovative technologies and  sustainable work practices. 

IFP Petro and AVISTA OIL AG share a common vision of creating a circular economy for used  oil, where waste is minimised, valuable resources are recovered and reused with maximum 

carbon offset. Through this partnership, IFP Petro will leverage AVISTA OIL AG’s expertise, state of-the-art technologies, and global network to expand its operations and increase its efficiency in  used oil collection, re-refining, and distribution.  

“We are thrilled to partner with AVISTA OIL AG, a company that shares our values and  commitment to sustainability. With their support, we can take our operations to the next level and  achieve our mission of creating a more sustainable future for India,” said Anant Bhargava, CEO of IFP Petro.

“India is a  key market for us, and we are excited to partner with IFP Petro to bring our expertise and  technologies to this region. We believe that this partnership will create significant value for both  companies and contribute to the development of a circular economy for used oil in India,” said Marc Verfรผrth, CEO of AVISTA OIL AG.

The partnership is expected to bring significant benefits to the Indian used oil re-refining industry,  including improved quality, increased efficiency, reduced waste and enhanced sustainability.  India is the third largest consumer of lubricants with an estimated 1.5 million metric tonnes of  used oil generated annually.