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Episode 17: How AI can improve the predictive power of tribology, the tribological challenges of electrical vehicles and why the energy transition should be an evolution

Dr. Boris Zhmud, born in Russia, now based in Stockholm, Sweden, has more than 20 years of professional experience in lubricants and lubrication engineering. He has authored or co-authored more than 80 peer-reviewed publications and has several patents. He currently consults on tribological problems for companies in Europe, including in Germany and in the UK. […]

Episode 15: Developing next-generation fluids for next-generation hardware

In this episode, Rebecca Warden discusses the work of the Advanced Fluids for Electrified Vehicles (AFEV) consortium at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Warden, who is the manager of the Fleet and Driveline Fluids Evaluation Section at SwRI, is co-project manager of the AFEV consortium. During her 12-year career at SwRI, Warden has been involved with […]

Episode 13: Could this be the last of the ACEA Engine Oil Sequences?

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) published the latest ACEA European Engine Oil Sequences on April 30, 2021, with first allowable use commencing on 1 May 2021. For the first time, ACEA has split the light- and heavy-duty specifications, with only the light-duty standards updated. The heavy-duty and passenger car efforts are moving at different […]

Episode 11: A conversation with multi-awarded tribologist Ashlie Martini

Multi-awarded tribologist Ashlie Martini, a professor of mechanical engineering at University of California, Merced, discusses the future of tribology and why a tribologist will always have a job. Tribology is an enabling or supporting technology, says Martini, who traces back tribology to ancient Egypt, although the term was coined only in the 1960s by Professor […]

Episode 10: A conversation with Infineum’s Technology & Sustainability Director Maurizio Abbondanza

Infineum to publish its first sustainability report Infineum, a leading formulator, manufacturer, and marketer of petroleum additives for the fuel and lubricant industries, expects to publish its first sustainability report sometime in April 2021, says Maurizio Abbondanza, technology & sustainability director at Infineum UK Ltd. The release of the sustainability report marks an important milestone for the […]

Episode 8: Conversation with ALMU Executive Director Bernard Wong

ALMU Executive Director Bernard Wong discusses his 35+ year career with Mobil, BP and Lubrizol, including 19 of those years in China. Now, he has taken on a new challenge since retiring in July 2018 from The Lubrizol Corporation, where he was Asia-Pacific region head based in China. Bernard will play a key role in […]

Episode 7: Mark Miller discusses Biosynthetic Technologies’ new novel additive for metalworking fluids and the company’s plan for ILSAC GF-6

Biosynthetic Technologies CEO discusses new novel additive for metalworking fluids and the company’s plan for ILSAC GF-6 Biosynthetic® Technologies recently announced the global launch of their new product line of novel additives for metalworking fluids (MWF) called Biocea™. These novel sustainable additives use the patented estolide technology. These MWF additives are biobased, biodegradable, non-bioaccumulative, and […]

Episode 5: Top 5 Auto Trends with Michael Dunne

Top 5 Auto Trends: “Just-in-Time” being replaced by “Just-in Case” In our September 2020 edition of F+L Webcast, Michael Dunne, president of ZoZo Go, discusses the Top 5 Auto Trends and the Asian automobile market post Covid-19. Investment sentiment is swinging back to Southeast Asia, the darling of the 1990s, as the relationship between the […]

Episode 4: Conversation with Trevor Gauntlett – Brexit, REACH, and Covid-19

Conversation with Trevor Gauntlett – Brexit, REACH, and Covid-19 F+L Webcast In the latest episode of F+L Webcast, we speak with Trevor Gauntlett, an independent industry consultant with over 25 years’ experience in Blue Chip Chemicals and Oil companies, including 18 years as the technical expert on Shell’s Lubricant Additives procurement team. During the podcast, […]
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