BASF launches multi-purpose diesel fuel additive in South Korea
Photo courtesy of BASF

BASF launches multi-purpose diesel fuel additive in South Korea

BASF has launched a multi-purpose diesel fuel additive, KEROPUR ® D, in South Korea. The product is now available for purchase through Coupang, a South Korean e-commerce company. Keroper D, which is already sold in Europe through the online market, is scheduled to enter the offline market following its launch in the domestic online market in November.

Keroper D is a high-performance, multi-purpose diesel fuel additive that removes deposits from the engine and prevents the formation of new deposits. In addition, it improves the cetane number of diesel fuel to optimise engine ignition and supports a smooth combustion process, contributing to the improvement of engine power and efficiency. 

According to BASF, Keroper D not only extends engine life by keeping diesel fuel injectors clean, but also improves startability and drivability through engine optimisation.

Keroper D can be used for all diesel fuels, including biodiesel, and helps improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. In addition, it effectively prevents the deterioration of fuel quality and corrosion of the engine with high stability compared to non-additized fuel.

“Keroper D, a high-performance multifunctional diesel fuel additive, helps keep the engine clean and achieves optimum performance, as well as improving fuel economy and emissions,” said Matthias Lang, president of BASF’s Asia Pacific Fuel and Lubricant Solutions business. “It also contributes to sustainability through reduction.”

Meanwhile, Keroper D has been proven through various engine and automotive road tests at the BASF Fuel and Lubricant Research Institute, in Germany. 

Kerofur G, a fuel additive for gasoline, is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2021.

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