Castrol launches GTX ECO in India

Castrol, the global lubricants manufacturer based in the UK and part of BP, has launched the first “Eco” product in its GTX range for cars, in India. Castrol GTX ECO provides the same protection that can help to extend engine life but by using re-refined oil, Castrol said.

GTX ECO delivers a 10% reduction in CO2 when compared with standard Castrol GTX Diesel products, Castrol added.

Castrol GTX ECO uses an innovative base oil blend of 50% virgin oil and 50% re-refined oil. A rigorous re-refining process includes dewatering, defueling, demineralisation, vacuum distillation and distillate treatment. Additive technology is then used to fortify the oil to create a high performance product that can help to extend engine life, but with 10% less CO2 produced from the oil’s life cycle. This carbon reduction was verified after rigorous testing and analysis by the world’s leading sustainability consultants ERM, according to Castrol.

“Our team of experts has achieved what was previously thought impossible: to deliver significant CO2 reductions from the oil’s life cycle, while providing the benefits of Castrol GTX Diesel, which helps to extend your engine life by providing two times better protection from soot problems*.

“By re-refining used oil and delivering it as a high-quality product, Castrol GTX ECO delivers CO2 reductions without compromising on engine performance or protection,” said Kedar Apte, head – brand communications, Castrol India.

* Two times better than the API CH-4 limit for soot-related viscosity increase, as measured in the industry T8-E engine test.