Eastman launches Fluid Genius to monitor heat transfer fluids
Photo courtesy of Eastman

Eastman launches Fluid Genius to monitor heat transfer fluids

Global specialty materials provider Eastman has introduced Fluid Genius™, a new patent-pending product that equips engineers and operations managers with predictive insights to optimize heat transfer fluid performance. Fluid Genius combines artificial intelligence with half a century of Eastman expertise to monitor and maximize the life cycle of heat transfer fluids for a myriad of system applications.

“With Fluid Genius, Eastman continues the journey to bring digital services to the market,” said Aldo Noseda, Eastman vice president and chief information officer. “This solution combines advanced analytics with decades of Eastman experience in heat transfer fluids to create an easy-to-use digital platform to help our customers achieve confidence in operating their heat transfer systems and plan maintenance proactively.”

Fluid Genius can predict fluid life expectancy and advise how best to extend it while avoiding costly unplanned shutdowns. The technology provides easy access to customer fluid testing results that reveal forward-looking insights to plan proactively for maintenance. Fluid Genius works for virtually any organic heat transfer fluid system.

Fluid Genius is designed for use by plant maintenance engineers and operations managers in all processing industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, and polymer processing. It will be available in 10 languages.

Fluid Genius enables proactive fluid maintenance with a fluid condition score, a unique measure of the overall fluid condition. The technology will also generate notifications and fluid trends as well as customized recommendations for critical action items such as system venting, inert gas blanket system installation and inspection, fluid replacement, the implementation of side-stream filtration and alerts for possible contamination.

“The fluid condition score, customized recommendations generated from Fluid Genius and logging features will allow our customers to optimize the performance and maintenance of their heat transfer fluid systems, supporting today’s best in class reliability programs,” said Sharon Dunn, sales director for Eastman heat transfer fluids business.

Eastman’s Therminol® and Marlotherm® brands are the top-selling synthetic heat transfer fluids in the world, used by more than 15,000 systems globally. Fluid Genius is designed to service these fluids as well as non-Eastman brands.

In conjunction with the launch of Fluid Genius, Eastman has developed an updated, easy-to-use sample kit and automated fulfillment as part of its TLC Total Lifecycle Care® program. TLC includes in-service heat transfer fluid sample analysis, system design support, operational training, safety awareness training, and start-up assistance as well as flush and refill fluids.

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