Poster Presentations
  1. René Abrahams – A reduction in coke formation
  2. Martin Curran – The Effectiveness of Lubricant Additives in Preventing Soot Induced Wear
  3. Glenn Kenreck – Reactions of Phenolic and Aminic Antioxidants with Free Radicals and the Effect of Antioxidant Structure and Ring Substitutions
  4. Not Available
March 6, 2018 – Pre-conference Workshop
  1. Simon Tung – The Impact of GDI and TGDI  Engines on Future Fuels and Lubricants Requirements
March 7, 2018
  1. Steve Hsu – Future Vehicle Trends
  2. Jason Ho – Shell Marine MILES
  3. Zhang Chenhui – Lubricant Requirements of Metalworking Industry in China
  4. Wang Dong – Chinese Base Oil Market and Quality Analysis
  5. Valentina Serra-Holm – European Lubricants Market Overview
  6. Monica Ford – Benefits and Uses of Pine Chemistry for Metalworking Fluids [watch video]
  7. Ken Han – Performance Enhancement of Air Compressor Oil by OSP [watch video]
  8. Martin Curran – Esters in Modern Low Viscosity Engine Oils [watch video]
  9. Ian Elliot – Olefin copolymers designed to provide robust low temperature performance with thickening efficiency [watch video]
  10. Matthias Hof – What impact does the drive to sustainability have on innovation?
March 8, 2018
  1. Teri Kowalski – ILSAC GF-6 with a slight detour
  2. Kazuo Yamamori – Status of JAMA PCMO WG’s Activities on Automotive Lubricants
  3. Not Available
  4. Yang Guofeng – The Development of Chinese D1-2019 Diesel Engine Oil Specifications Standard
  5. Vince Gatto – Molyvan® Organo Molybdenum Additives – Time Tested and New Technologies for Engine Oils and Greases
  6. Not Available
  7. Robert Wardle – Investigation of Diesel Injector Nozzle Deposit Accumulation Mechanism using High FAME Content Biodiesel
  8. Edward James Dy Buco – Philippine Fuel Marking Program
  9. Siva Kasturi – OEM Perspectives – Indian Market
March 9, 2018
  1. Jun Han Li – Delivering Fuel Economy in Internal Combustion Engines
  2. Keith Howard – The Evolving Fuel and Lubricant Challenges of GDI Engines in China
  3. Alina Li – Improved sustainability, more power, longer life with mPAO
  4. Not Available
  5. Adri van de Ven – Enhancing Compliance with quality standards in automotive lubricants
March 9, 2018 – Post conference workshop
  1. Adri van de Ven – ATIEL Workshop
Presentation Videos
  1. F+L Week 2018 Presentation Videos – Click here
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