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The current changing demographics of base oil supplies globally – the conversions from Group I to Group II/III refineries – has lead to manufacturers of industrial lubricants turning to other alternatives to manage or improve the performance of their products. Traditionally more recognised in America and Europe, Naphthenic mineral oils are gaining popularity in the industrial lubricants segments within Asia. In accordance with the growing demand, Nynas has since expanded our outreach here in Asia. This is further enhanced with a storage hub being set up in Singapore in 2014 in a bid to support our customers with a sustainable supply chain network. Higher solvency, low pour point and higher viscosity ranges are a few of the key values of Nynas Naphthenic oils.

The efficiency of refrigeration compressors is important for the cold facilities production and storage industry. Nynas Naphthenic oils has excellent low temperature properties, good solvency and compatibility with ammonia refrigerants. This aids the cooling circulation, and prevents the occurrence of coking and clogging of the evaporators. Nynas NYFROST™ range – our Naphthenic refrigeration oils – is now available in both Europe and Asia.

In the manufacturing of greases, it has been acknowledged that the solvency of the base oil has a significant impact on the formulation and manufacturing process. With the inherently good solvency of Nynas Naphthenic oils, the amount of thickener used is reduced, hence increasing the yield and potentially reducing the unit cost of each batch manufactured. Operationally, the temperature during the cooking process can be reduced as well. NYNAS™ Naphthenic base oils has been proven and widely used in many grease production processes today.

Besides Nynas existing wide portfolio of Naphthenic oils, we can also propose customized products to suit the specific needs of distinctive applications. The many unique properties our Naphthenic oils can offer awaits to be explored, speak to us today to find out more! Nynas – taking oil further.


Rena Soh began her career with Swedish Specialty oil company Nynas in 2014 based in Singapore. Starting from an operational sales support role, she was subsequently promoted and moved into the sales function in 2016.

Today, Rena is the regional sales executive, managing various countries within South East Asia. One of her key vision is to drive the awareness and sales of Naphthenic base oils for lubricants in the region, especially for the grease and industrial lubricant applications. Rena’s portfolio also covers all other sales segment and product applications of Nynas Naphthenic oil within her area.

Rena received her Bachelor of Business Management (Major in Operations Management and Finance) From the Singapore Management University. She is also SMU Lean six sigma green belt certified.

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