November 23, 2020

K.K. Gandhi – Bharat Stage VI Emissions Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities


India has notified Bharat Stage VI emissions norms (Equivalent to Euro VI) from April 2020 by skipping Bharat V (Euro V), giving the Indian auto industry about three years to migrate from Bharat IV implemented across India from April 2017.

India would be implementing Bharat VI for two-wheelers also from April 2020, which would be equivalent to Euro V for two-wheelers to be implemented in Europe from 2021 i.e., one year before the same is implemented in Europe or Japan.

No country in the world has implemented Euro VI by skipping Euro V, therefore posing challenges for the auto industry to meet the twin targets of emissions and fuel efficiency regulations.

This presentation explains the challenges for developing and adopting appropriate technologies for giving affordable mobility solution for India and also meeting Real Driving Emissions (RDE), which was introduced along with Bharat VI. The challenges for two-wheelers is even more, as the same would be implemented in India one year before Europe and two years before Japan.

  • Convener, Centre for Auto Policy & Research
  • Founder Member & Secretary, Hydrogen Association of India
  • Director, Avan Motors
  • Director, Strategic CSR Alliance
  • Director (Independent) Lumax Auto Technology Limited
  • Principal Adviser: Society of India Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), New Delhi, April – September, 2018
  • Executive Director (Technical): Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), New Delhi from November 1999-April 2018
  • Heading technical activities Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehra Dun, September 1969 to 1999