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Advancing solutions in the Heavy-Duty segment: CK-4 and beyond

Advancing solutions in the heavy-duty segment: CK-4 and beyond

As the demands on diesel engine performance continue to evolve, Chevron Oronite’s newest additive, OLOA® 59361, offers a comprehensive solution to support the latest heavy duty engine oils that meet and exceed both API CK-4 and FA-4 specifications and address global OEM performance requirements, including the rigorous China D1 and Cummins CES 20100 specifications. Using new technology from Chevron Oronite, OLOA 59361 was developed and is capable of delivering excellent wear, piston deposit and soot dispersancy performance at optimized treat rates which ensures smooth engine operation and delivering engine durability.

Fig. Outstanding wear protection after 150,000km with minimal wear for piston rings, cylinder liners and bearings

Introduced in 2017, API FA-4 standard oils represent a newer generation of engine oils specifically formulated to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with modern emission standards. These oils typically have lower high-temperature high-shear (HTHS) viscosities, deliver fuel economy and are recommended for use with newer on-highway diesel engines and OLOA 59361 meets FA-4 specification. OLOA 59361 has been one of the first additive products to secure approval for the new Cummins CES 20100 specification, which sets stringent criteria for longer oil drain intervals for heavy-duty engines, operating under heavy load and tougher conditions in China and India.

In addressing the newly established China D1 specification, OLOA 59361 stands out for its comprehensive engine protection and performance in the latest Chinese OEM engine tests. This signifies a major step forward in meeting the specific needs of the Asia-Pacific market, where environmental regulations and performance standards are becoming increasingly stringent.

OLOA 59361’s unique value propositions lie in its versatility and lower carbon capability. It is compatible with a wide range of base oils, including re-refined stocks, demonstrating flexibility in formulation while supporting lower carbon solutions. Furthermore, its biodiesel compatibility and re-refined base oil (RRBO) capabilities align with global trends towards alternative fuels, marking Chevron Oronite’s proactive stance in helping end-customers with lower carbon solutions.

This product has shown exceptional real-world performance, notably in extending oil drain intervals (ODI). In field trials, lubricants formulated with this additive achieved an impressive 50% increase in drain intervals, extending the typical 100,000km to an impressive 150,000km. This remarkable achievement not only translates to reduced operational costs and downtime for the fleet owners but also aligns with lower carbon goals by minimizing waste oil disposal.

OLOA 59361 optimizes engine performance and reliability

Chevron Oronite has made OLOA 59361 available globally and this provides supply reliability to customers. Additionally, by offering a single treat rate that meets all the claims mentioned, OLOA 59361 reduces the supply chain complexity for customers.

In recognition of OLOA 59361’s innovative offering, the product won F+L Asia’s 2024 Product Development of the Year Award. The judges awarded the honour in recognition of Chevron Oronite’s continued market leadership and innovative technology contribution to the lubricant industry.