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Advertorial – Clariant Next Gen Industrial Lubricants: superior low foam technology

Advertorial - Clariant Next Gen Industrial Lubricants: superior low foam technology

As you work to the challenges of continuous productivity and evolving production process upgrades within the manufacturing industry, are you looking for superior, state-of-the-art technology in your emulsifiers and lubricant additives to get the best results?

To meet your production and sustainability needs, Clariant has developed a range of new multi-functional emulsifiers with a superior low foaming profile that are also label-free, protecting not only our  environment but also people‘s health. Discover our state-of-the-art low foaming emulsifier range and find out how our label-free Emulsogen MTP® range addresses requirements for lubricant additives of the next generation, supporting you to stay ahead of the industry.


Emulsogen MTP emulsifiers are designed to be very low foaming formulation components. Emulsogen MTP 070 reveals excellent low foaming properties. The initial foam height after stirring is approximately half compared to Emulsogen M, which is a cetyl/oleyl alcohol + 5 EO emulsifier. Emulsogen MTP 030 and Emulsogen MTP 020 show low foaming behavior that is outstanding.


Emulsifiers of the Emulsogen MTP range effectively stabilize emulsions against electrolytes and hard water enhancing the fluid lifetime. Emulsogen MTP 070 shows outstanding lime soap dispersing power expressed by a k-value of 20-25g. This value is in the range of ether carboxylates. Emulsogen M, MTP 020 and MTP 030 show very good lime soap dispersing power with a k-value in the range of 17-20g. Lime soap dispersing properties of formulations can be further improved by the addition of ether carboxylic acids, like Emulsogen COL 1002.


If a substance stays clear and homogeneous, even at low temperature, additional heating and homogenization of the emulsifiers can be avoided. Time and money can be saved and the risk of decomposition during heating is avoided. Emulsogen MTP 030 shows outstanding low temperature stability, being a viscous liquid at as low as 5°C. Emulsogen M and Emulsogen MTP 070 are still pump – and pourable at 10°C. Emulsogen MTP 020 is getting cloudy at 15°C, turning into a solid at 10°C.


In order to ensure the storage stability of your releasing agents, the emulsifier needs to be clearly soluble in oil at all temperatures. At room temperature, mixtures of 5% Emulsogen M/ MTP 020/ MTP 030 and MTP 070 form clear solutions in mineral oils and esters. At lower temperatures, such as 5°C, some differences are observed. Only Emulsogen MTP 030 shows a “clear” solubility in all mineral oil, esters, e.g. TMP-trioleate and vegetable oil (e.g. rape seed oil) at 5°C.

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