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Berylane Biolife

Advertorial: Berylane BioLife


Berylane BioLife, an innovative range of renewable isoparaffins launched by the Special Fluids Division of Total, have proved to be an excellent alternative to existing base oils for the lubricants industry. Not only do they deliver better performances than standard fluids, but they provide many advantages to minimize impacts on our environment. Marketing high-performance, environmentally-friendly products in line with societal, environmental and technical demands is all part of the Special Fluids’ vision.

Berylane BioLife
Figure 1: Berylane BioLife Main Characteristics

Consumer concerns about environmental conservation and resource depletion are prompting the lubricant industry and government policies to replace petrochemicals and chemicals with safer bio-alternatives. Solvents consumers may no longer select a solvent based solely on its physico-chemical ability to perform a required function; they are starting to turn to greener solvents and more sustainable solutions.

Special Fluids have designed a unique range of base oils derived from biomass, combining outstanding performance with unparalleled environmental properties.

To obtain this new range of base oils, we worked across the entire supply chain, from feedstocks to end products. Optimal Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) sources were selected in order to achieve the expected performance of the final base oils. Our choice was driven by our commitment to sustainable development and the availability and reliability of feedstocks. The raw material is certified in accordance with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) schemes.

Berylane BioLife
Kinematic viscosity versus flash point

Our development program resulted in the creation of a completely new range of bio-sourced and biodegradable base oils for the lubricant industry, called Berylane BioLife. The range comprises four different grades of light base oils, Berylane BioLife 10, 25, 30 and 40, dedicated to many different applications such as metal working fluids, heat transfer fluids, hydraulic oils, demolding and engine oils.


In addition to the benefits of using green and readily biodegradable base oils with much lower LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) greenhouse gas emission impacts than standard mineral and synthetic base oils, Berylane BioLife products offer many performance drivers for the targeted lubricant applications, thanks to their composition as pure isoparaffins with extremely low aromatic content. Berylane BioLife thus boasts enhanced oxidation stability compared to other base oils on the market, like Group II, naphthenic or even PAO. Improved oxidation stability can increase lubricant drain intervals or permit use in more severe conditions.

The typical isoparaffinic structure and narrow cuts of Berylane BioLife bring upgraded heat capacity and thermal stability. Thanks to these properties, they increase the cooling effect that is crucial for many metal working applications.

Berylane BioLife
Termal Conductivity versus Temperature

Compared to mineral base oils, the thermal conductivity of Berylane BioLife is increased by up to 15%, leading to enhanced cooling performances in hydraulic systems and heat transfer fluid applications.

Berylane BioLife products have great thermal stability. No serious degradation was detected under extreme test conditions (> 300ยฐC for 72h), compared to typical base oils used in hydraulic or heat transfer fluid formulation, which were completely cracked or oxidised.

Berylane BioLife products have a higher flash point than mineral or even synthetic base oils of equivalent viscosity, for maximum operator safety.

They also have a lower pour point than mineral or synthetic base oils of equivalent viscosity. They can be used in extreme conditions, such as aircraft hydraulic systems or specific heat transfer media.

Thanks to the high performances and bio-sourced origin, the Berylane BioLife range represents a real breakthrough in this market.

To learn more about Berylane BioLife, follow this link: http://www.totalspecialfluids.com/en/Hydrocarbon-fluids/Renewable-fluids-BioLife.html