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Future Leaders Award: Boon Ping Chia

Future Leaders Award: Boon Ping Chia

Boo Ping Chia began his career at Infineum straight from university, as an engineer at the company’s Jurong Island additive production plant in Singapore. Fast forward 14 years and the newly promoted Infineum Asia sales director has built an enviable career. During the F&L Asia Awards Dinner, at F+L Week 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, Boon Ping was bestowed the “Future Leaders Award,” celebrating what he has already achieved in a relatively short period of time, but also earmarking him as a future pioneer of our industry.

The inaugural “F&L Asia Future Leaders Award” recognises individuals in our industry who demonstrate the potential for future leadership growth. The award was introduced this year at the request of the fuels and lubricants community, to recognise our industry’s next generation of leaders. Nominees for the award must have less than 15 years of industry experience.

Boon Ping was selected due to the significant value he has generated in the region for Infineum since joining the Jurong additive plant in 2004. He has created strong partnerships with key industry stakeholders, such as base-stock producers, to broaden product options for marketers in Asia. He also played a vital role in the establishment of Infineum’s Business and Technology Centre by quickly and efficiently establishing a technology team that serves the local Chinese market needs, and proactively supporting the development of lubricants to meet the requirement of China VI engines.

During his acceptance speech, Boon Ping thanked Infineum for the varied and exciting opportunities afforded him by the senior leadership team which, he says, have helped maximise his potential. He has held a series of regional leadership positions within the organisation including Asia Pacific technical manager, Asia Pacific portfolio manager, and Asia Pacific industry liaison manager, before his recent promotion.

Outside of China, Boon Ping has worked strategically to ensure his Japan- and Singapore-based teams continue to serve the diverse product needs of customers throughout Asia-Pacific. He has a deep knowledge of the Asia Pacific market, customers and engine manufacturers, and possesses excellent hands-on experience of Infineum technology. A broad understanding of Infineum’s manufacturing processes, and the importance of quality and reliability, is underpinned by technical rigor and commercial acumen.

Boon Ping thanked the many industry leaders who were present during the F&L Asia Awards Dinner, nobly suggesting many had established far lengthier and more impactful careers than his own, and many of whom have offered significant assistance in his early years at the UK-based additive manufacturer.

The Infineum representative also emphasised the importance of continuing to develop a new generation of leaders as our industry undergoes a significant transformation. He urged all leaders to continue to attract top tier talent to our industry and to develop and nurture this talent to maximise their potential, with the ultimate objective of developing them into future leaders. The next generation will need to work cross-industry to co-create and retain value within the industry, so we can continue to serve the greater wellbeing of society, he says.

Boon Ping is already a mentor to many young Infineum colleagues and ably supported the setup of the Infineum technology talent pool in Shanghai, China — to attract the highest talent to the organisation. He is an “important and credible voice for Asia within the senior management team of Infineum” and the company expects him to continue to grow his influence.