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Total leads the way in lubricant development for electric drivetrains

Total leads the way in lubricant development for electric drivetrains

“Total is committed to better energy and wants to be the responsible energy major,” says Thierry Gourault, vice president of Automotive Lubricants at French energy major Total Lubrifiants. It is this pledge that led them to create the TOTAL QUARTZ EV FLUID, a range of automotive fluids that provides specific technology for the new generation of electric drivetrain.

Gourault says the development of this range is bold, but the company eyes this market as a new opportunity and wanted to be leading the way. It is this ground breaking work in electrical lubrication that has seen the Total Lubrifiants product recognised as the “F&L Asia Product Development of the Year” at the 2019 F&L Asia Awards Dinner held on 6 March 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Singapore.

The “F&L Asia Product Development of the Year” recognises innovation in the fuels & lubricants industry, in particular, products that have made significant improvements to processes, efficiency and ecological use.

Gourault accepted the award on behalf of Total, acknowledging a team effort that included input from R&D, product development, marketing and communications. Gourault is based in Singapore and responsible for worldwide automotive lubricants activity. He joined Total in 1989 and has previously held positions in Paris as Total’s VP for France, and as CEO of S-Oil Total Lubricants in South Korea.

Total Lubrifiants is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of engine oils and lubricants with 41 production plants worldwide and more than 5,800 employees in 150 countries. The company is the first player in the industry to provide a concrete response to these rapid developments in the automotive sector.

As hybrids and EVs become increasingly powerful, and their battery ranges and charging speeds improve, standard fluids are unable to maintain their robustness, heat resistance, cooling capacity and safety. TOTAL QUARTZ EV FLUID includes 11 products formulated around four specific features, dielectric properties, material protection properties, thermal properties and standard lubrication.

Very specific electrical properties are required when a vehicle is equipped with an electric motor and when lubricant comes into contact with the drivetrain components. Total’s goal with the new range was to deliver a lubricant with excellent insulating properties that help lengthen system lifespan and limit short circuits and static electricity.

The fluids are compatible with new components such as copper coils, to protect against corrosion, and with the polymer materials that cover the different parts of the electric motor. The heat flows within the motor can be very significant particularly during sudden acceleration or fast charging. Thanks to their thermal properties, Total’s new fluid range cools the various electrical modules more quickly and remains stable over time, even when subjected to very high peak temperatures.

To protect the various mechanical parts of these new powertrains, the TOTAL QUARTZ EV FLUID range also provides standard lubrication that keeps the system running by limiting wear, oxidation and corrosion. They also offer the optimal friction properties required for smooth gear shifting in hybrid vehicles. Total’s new, highly innovative TOTAL QUARTZ EV FLUID range will help vehicle manufacturers design increasingly efficient electric and hybrid vehicles and is a worthy winner of this year’s award.