Topsoe and Fidelis form alliance for carbon-neutral hydrogen
Photo courtesy of Topsoe

Topsoe and Fidelis form alliance for carbon-neutral hydrogen

Denmark’s Topsoe A/S and Fidelis New Energy, LLC, which is headquartered in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., have agreed on  a global alliance for technology used for producing carbon neutral hydrogen. 

The alliance combines Topsoe’s hydrogen process portfolio with FidelisH2™ technology to reduce lifecycle carbon emissions in hydrogen production. Combined, the alliance solution enables the production of hydrogen from natural gas with a lifecycle carbon intensity of 0 kgCO2e / kgH2.

Partnering to support the industry’s energy transition

Fidelis and Topsoe will jointly and exclusively license FidelisH2™ alongside Topsoe’s blue hydrogen technology portfolio. Topsoe will lead engagement with potential licensees interested in utilizing FidelisH2™ to produce carbon neutral hydrogen at world scale using proven technologies.

“This is an exciting partnership to lead the way to achieve net-zero in 2050. I look forward to working with Fidelis in setting the bar high regarding transitional energy technologies. With this alliance, we can offer clients across all industrial sectors , a proven and exceptional carbon neutral hydrogen solution,” said Henrik Rasmussen, managing director, The Americas, Topsoe.

“We are excited to partner with Topsoe, the leading provider of hydrogen production technology and catalysts. After several years of work with Topsoe leadership, catalysts, and technologies, we are pleased to formally join forces with them through this Global Alliance Agreement to deliver carbon neutral hydrogen produced from Topsoe’s Blue Portfolio and the innovative and novel FidelisH2™ process,” said Co-Founder and CEO of Fidelis, Dan Shapiro.

Fidelis Co-Founder and COO, Bengt Jarlsjo added, “We look forward to deploying FidelisH2™ across our future projects and to providing other select users a path to zero carbon intensity clean hydrogen utilizing certified natural gas and renewable energy.”

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