Groupe PSA strengthens its electric offensive
Photo courtesy of Groupe PSA

Groupe PSA strengthens its electric offensive

Groupe PSA will launch from 2023, vehicles in C- and D-segments from sedan to sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in different regions of the world, which will benefit from the new reference platform, eVMP “Electric Vehicle Modular Platform.”

Between 2020 and 2025, Groupe PSA will gradually move from two multi-energy platforms to two 100% electrified platforms to support the e-mobility development.

In making the announcement on July 29, Groupe PSA said that it “considers that being in perfect harmony with the development of the electric vehicle market is a determining factor in the relevance of its offer.”

The new eVMP platform will serve as the basis for a wide range of electric vehicles for the C- and D- segments.

eVMP concentrates all the Groupe PSA’s engineering know-how with 60 to 100 kWh of embedded energy and an optimised architecture that exploits the entire sub-floor for the battery. By restoring 50 kWh per meter within the wheelbase, it is a benchmark in the electric vehicle market and will therefore be able to offer an all-electric range from 400 km to 650 km (WLTP cycle) depending on the body.

In order to provide a high-performance solution adapted to each mobility need anywhere in the world, hybrid derivatives may be offered in certain markets on the basis of this state-of-the-art electric platform.

In addition to high levels of technical performance, the efficiency of eVMP also lies in the optimisation of R&D and industrialisation costs. This is achieved through the use of certain sub-assemblies and existing high-performance battery modules. In addition, the industrial process has been studied to obtain maximum synergies with the existing means in Groupe PSA plants, therefore limiting investments. In the same logic of making in-house electrical components, this platform complements parts developed and manufactured with Groupe PSA or with its e-motors or ACC Joint venture.

“With this eVMP platform, Groupe PSA once again demonstrates its ability to innovate by developing for its customer’s state-of-the-art and affordable technologies thanks to the frugality that has enabled a significant reduction in R&D and industrial investments. This global platform will make it possible to offer a range of vehicles that are perfectly respectful of the environment, meeting the changing expectations of our customers and guaranteeing driving pleasure and safety on board, values that are the basis of the Group’s reputation today,” said Nicolas Morel, Research and Development director at Groupe PSA.

Groupe PSA, the French multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles sold under the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall brands, has 35 plants worldwide. In December 2019, the company announced its merger with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., which will be named Stellantis.

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