GS Caltex demonstrates drone delivery service in Jeju Island
Photo courtesy of GS Caltex

GS Caltex demonstrates drone delivery service in Jeju Island

GS Caltex recently held a drone delivery demonstration at the Musucheon Gas Station on Jeju Island, South Korea. More than 40 people attended the event, including GS Caltex CEO Se-Hong Heo and Jeju Island Governor Hee-Ryong Won.

GS Caltex plans to utilize its gas stations as drone delivery bases to provide more convenient and faster logistics service in the future. Where logistics are more challenging, making delivery of ordinary household items difficult or emergency relief supplies, drone delivery can be a practical solution. During the demonstration held on June 8, GS Caltex President Heo Hong Heo noted that gas stations are particularly suitable as drone delivery logistics bases because of their nationwide presence.

The drone delivery demonstration was supported by South Korea’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy’s Public-Private Drone Logistics Consortium organized by the Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, with administrative approval by Jeju Island, which was selected as the first Drone Regulation Sandbox Special Zone in South Korea.

GS Caltex will continue its efforts to commercialize gas station-based drone delivery in collaboration with logistics companies in the future. It also plans to expand synergy among its affiliates such as GS Retail.

Prior to this demonstration, GS Caltex also held an oil sample drone delivery demonstration at the Incheon Logistics Center in April. GS Caltex has been transporting oil samples through small vessels for product identification before oil tankers dock at its offshore dock and unloads the oil. GS Caltex said it plans to replace small vessels with drone delivery in the future.

In addition, since 2015, GS Caltex has been using drones to inspect corrosion and cracks at the top of facilities that are difficult to access at its Yeosu oil refinery complex.

GS Caltex’s decision to start a drone delivery service at its gas stations is part of a strategy to transform its existing gas stations into a “future” gas station. Its concept is to create a “Mobility & Logistics Hub” at its gas stations. Currently, gas stations provide general services such as refueling, car washing, and car maintenance which are currently being provided by existing gas stations. In the future, gas stations will also be able to provide mobility services such as car sharing, electric vehicle and hydrogen vehicle charging, as well as logistics services such as courier and drone delivery. The work of redefining its vision for the future gas station continues to evolve.

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