India’s Praj signs licensing agreement with Gevo

Praj Industries Limited, based in Pune, India, has entered into a licensing and joint development agreement with Gevo, Inc., a U.S.-based renewable chemicals and biofuels company, for Gevo’s isobutanol technology.

The isobutanol technology will be offered to sugar and starch based ethanol plants, including the majority of Praj’s customers, globally.

As part of the agreements, Praj will invest resources in the development and optimization of Gevo’s isobutanol technology applied to feedstocks including sugar cane, sugar beets, cassava, rice, sorghum, wheat and certain cellulosic sugars.

Praj and Gevo will commercialize Gevo’s technology for making renewable jet fuel (ATJ) from isobutanol in India. The companies expect to license up to 250 million gallons of isobutanol capacity over the next 10 years under this partnership.

In addition to the PDP development, Praj will also contribute engineering services to optimize Gevo’s Luverne facility.

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