Lummus partners with Biohydrogen Technologies on blue hydrogen
Photo courtesy of Lummus Technology

Lummus partners with Biohydrogen Technologies on blue hydrogen

Lummus Technology, a global leader in process technologies, has announced a strategic partnership with Biohydrogen Technologies, a pioneer in blue hydrogen technology. This collaboration aims to further develop and deploy blue hydrogen solutions, marking a significant step in the transition to cleaner energy sources.

Blue hydrogen, produced from natural gas through steam methane reforming (SMR) and combined with carbon capture and storage (CCS), offers a sustainable energy alternative. This partnership will leverage Lummus’ expertise in SMR technology and Biohydrogen Technologies’ advancements in CCS to create a comprehensive blue hydrogen solution.

Leon de Bruyn, CEO of Lummus Technology, emphasided the importance of this collaboration. “Our partnership with Biohydrogen Technologies aligns with Lummus’ commitment to providing sustainable solutions,” de Bruyn said. “Together, we aim to accelerate the deployment of blue hydrogen, addressing the growing demand for cleaner energy.”

Biohydrogen Technologies has been at the forefront of CCS technology, capturing carbon dioxide emissions and storing them safely. This process significantly reduces the environmental impact of hydrogen production, making blue hydrogen a viable and eco-friendly energy source.

The collaboration between Lummus and Biohydrogen Technologies will focus on integrating their respective technologies. The goal is to offer a seamless and efficient blue hydrogen production process, from natural gas extraction to hydrogen distribution.

As the global energy landscape shifts towards more sustainable sources, blue hydrogen emerges as a promising contender. This partnership between Lummus and Biohydrogen Technologies underscores the industry’s dedication to advancing cleaner energy solutions.