Macau proposes adoption of Euro V fuel standards

Macau’s Executive Council, a formal body of advisers to the Chief Executive of Macau which serves as the core policy-making organ of the Government of Macau, has proposed the implementation of Euro V standards for gasoline and diesel fuel.

According to the proposal, “the inspection [of the fuels] must be based on the methods established by the European Union and the national standards of the People’s Republic of China” as well as the rules adopted by China’s petrochemical industry.  The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau will be responsible for monitoring compliance with this administrative regulation.

The draft bill also proposes a minimum once-a-year review by the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA).

Motor vehicle exhaust emissions are one of the major sources of pollution in Macau, according to the DSPA website. The proposal is in line with the government’s desire “to improve air quality and ensure the health of the population” and is one of the measures being proposed to support the “use of clean vehicles and to optimize gas emission patterns for motor vehicles.”

The draft bill will become effective 30 days after publication, with a 180-day transition period.

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