MG Motor and Castrol unveil co-branded engine oil in Europe
Photo courtesy of Castrol

MG Motor and Castrol unveil co-branded engine oil in Europe

Chinese automaker SAIC Motor, the parent company of MG, and Castrol have announced a strategic three-year partnership to launch a new co-branded lubricant specifically designed for MG vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe. This collaboration marks the first time these two heritage brands have joined forces outside of China, uniting under the banner โ€œMG recommends Castrol.โ€

The partnership was officially unveiled in Budapest, Hungary, on April 15, 2024, where the companies expressed their commitment to enhancing vehicle performance and efficiency across MGโ€™s diverse product range. The co-branded lubricant, Castrol EDGE 0W20 C5, is now recommended by MG for its vehicles, including traditional internal combustion engines and battery electric vehicles.

Baozheng Wang, VP of Global Business at Castrol, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, โ€œWe are thrilled to embark on this journey with MG in Europe. This agreement exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving value creation. Together with MG, we look forward to unlocking new opportunities for improved customer experiences.โ€

Skyler Kim, managing director of SAIC Motor Central and Eastern Europe, also highlighted the strategic benefits of the partnership. โ€œThe collaboration with Castrol will help us propel the MG brand to new heights, significantly enhancing our brand reach and trust in Central Eastern Europe and delivering great aftersales service to increase customer satisfaction. We also look forward to collaborating with Castrol on future customer offers.โ€

The new Castrol MG product will be available for car owners for the first time in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, and Croatia.