Novvi starts up 100% renewable base oil unit in Texas
Photo courtesy of Novvi

Novvi starts up 100% renewable base oil unit in Texas

Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) announced the successful startup of a 100% renewable base oil unit in Novvi’s Deer Park, Houston, Texas, U.S. facility. Novvi’s 100% renewable base oil unit employs CLG’s patented ISODEWAXING® catalyst and technology. 

Chevron, one of the joint venture parents of CLG, is an equity partner in Novvi LLC, a California-based company that engages in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of high-performance base oils from renewable sources. 

Chevron’s Richmond Technology Center is home to CLG’s revolutionary ISODEWAXING technology. A research and development facility that has led the development of various technological advancements to bring cleaner fuels, premium base oils, and now renewable base oils to the market to continue to enable cleaner, more sustainable, and affordable energy across the globe in both fuels and lubricants.

CLG offers the same ISODEWAXING® catalyst and technology worldwide and is a market leader in this technology to produce premium base oils and ultra-pure white oils derived from a wide variety of feedstocks, including the bio-derived feedstock being used at Novvi. CLG has a long history of leadership in technology development, enabling premium base oils for the lubricants industry since Chevron’s invention of ISODEWAXING technology in 1993.